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Hi-Shear Air Driver Assemblies are designed specifically for installing Hi-Lite, Hi-Lok and Hi-Lok/Hi-Tigue Pin and Collar fastener combinations. The tools come in a variety of sizes and configurations, to drive fasteners in both open and restricted-access areas.

The tooling is compact, lightweight, fast and reliable. It generates low noise compared with conventional riveting, requires minimum employee training, and is designed to operate at a normal factory air pressure of 90 psi with 1/4 or 3/8 inch air lines.

Virtually any requirement can be fulfilled by Hi-Shear's Tooling Division - with either our standard tools or by custom design.

Hi-Shear also provides a full series of hand installation tools and toolkits, as well as gages for fastener selection and inspection of installed fasteners.

Blind Nut Installation Tool: More information here.


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