Click Bond

Click Bond, is Leader in Adhesive Bonded Fastener Systems Click Bond manufactures fasteners specifically designed for adhesive bonding to structure. The line of fasteners includes rivet-nuts, nutplates, studs, cable tie mounts, standoffs, bushings, insulation mounting systems, and patches. Click Bond also provides adhesive systems and dispensing tools. All Click Bond fasteners use a unique self-fixturing process to maintain accurate position on the substrate during bonding with permanent structural adhesive. Since 1981, Click Bond has provided a variety of fasteners to the aerospace, marine, defense and transportation industries. Click Bond has worked with major manufacturers to develop bonded fastener technology for airliners, military transport aircraft, helicopters, launch vehicles, satellites, yachts, buses, trucks, race cars and sporting goods.

We've included approximately 200 of our most popular product descriptions and drawings. These products represent a small sample of the more than 1,000 products and variations that we offer for a myriad of applications.

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