Mountz Torque Tools


With over 35-years of innovative torque solutions, Mountz's in-depth knowledge of torque is reflected in our tools' craftsmanship and our ability to provide solutions to both common and uncommon torque applications. Serving as the Nation's premier torque tool supplier, Mountz is dedicated solely to the manufacturing, marketing and servicing of high quality torque tools.

Continuing to drive the industry forward, Mountz is focused on anticipating your unique torque needs and delivering a powerful solution to help you stay several steps ahead of your competition. Designed to give you a competitive advantage through consistent, accurate torque output or readings, and a rapid return on your investment, Mountz torque tools are built to last.

We are providing you tools that serve as part of your company's infrastructure, instead of tools that have to be replaced every few years. It's important to look for the Mountz logo. It means you're receiving the best torque tool in the industry. Every tool that leaves our factory complies with ISO6789:1992 to ensure that it meets the most rigorous standards. All our tools are constructed from high quality materials, engineered for superior reliability and safety and backed by a standard warranty.

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