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ATI-brand tools have been the favorite of airframe and sheet metal mechanics for more than a half-century. Their tools are used by every major manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft as well as airlines, MRO organizations and governmental repair stations.

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Rivet Tools


Part # AT590RGK-3X
Part # AT590RGK-4X

This kit provides all the essentials for straight and offset riveting. FourOf the most common bucking bars:eight cupped sets for3/32", 1/8", 5/32, and 3/16" AN470 universal head rivets; three flush sets for AN426 rivets: two retainer springs; an air regulator for adjusting hammer Blows:Tool oil; an attractive molded rubber case for organization and storage; and a 33X or 4X rivet gun. Ideal for structural and sheet-metal technicians, home builders, and students.


Part # AT108A-28PC
Part # AT108A-33PC

The AT108A-28PC contains 28 of the most commonly used rivet squeezer sets:23 universal cupped sizes, and five 1/2" diameter flush. The hole pattern of the Kit plate is engraved for identification and tool control.

Part # AT108A-33PC includes five additional 3/8" diameter flush sets.

ATI squeezer sets are manufactured from high-grade shock resistant tool steel and are polished both before and after heat treat to purge tool marls and ridges. the cups are machined in accordance with MIL-STD GGG-R-435b, and a blended radius between cup and chamfer eliminates coining.

Cutting Tools



The spindle of our AT441HS-Series Microstop rides on needle bearings, ensuring continuous smooth, cool operation at speeds to 5000 rpm. The AT441HBS-Series enhances that performance with the use old ball bearings. Each series has full 5/16" travel, and a graduated depth adjustment in .001 increments. the ball thrust bearing ensures accuracy and repairability of the depth setting. To complete the part number, add the single letter which expresses the foot-piece, or "skirt style"

Snapon 1
Snapon 2 Snapon 3

Snapon 4


Snapon 5 Snapon 6 Snapon Microstop


Developed for the Boeing Company, this microstop features stop adjustments in .0005 increments: high speed Ball Bearings; hardened and ground shaft with wrench flats: ball thrust bearing; and left handed lock ring. Also available with quick change shaft.


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