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Accuride is the largest company in the world dedicated to precision ball bearing slides, Accuride sets the standard for smoothness, silence, and strength. Accuride slides are found in applications such as office furniture, medical equipment, ATMs, cash drawers, copy machines, toolboxes, appliances, electronic racks, and more. Design innovation is at the core of our business, and our extensive product selection ensures just the slide you need for your application, large or small.

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Slide Selection Criteria - IE

To the Design Engineer: This document is designed to assist you in making the proper slide selection for your application. The information listed provides an overview of the slides available and some pertinent information to consider when selecting a slide. Should you need any additional information, data sheets and specific design information are available for all products.


» Weight of chassis/drawer
» Side space available between chassis/drawer & rack/cabinet
» Height, width and depth of chassis/drawer
» Depth of rack/cabinet
» Travel desired
» Disconnect of chassis/drawer needed
» Locks needed Mounting holes needed
» Optional mounting hardware for mounting in rack or enclosure

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Basis of Load Rating

1. Maximum permissible load for a pair of side mounted slides.
2. Center of gravity of load centered between and at the midpoint of the drawer members.
3. Based on 10,000 cycle dynamic tests.
4. Includes 100% static safety factor.
5. Load ratings are based on side mounting the slides.
6. Undermount of the slides is not recommended and reduces load carrying capacity to about 1/4 of the side mount capacity.

Side space
The amount of room necessary between the drawer side and the cabinet or the chassis and the rack. The side space dimension is critical for optimal smooth movement. Special brackets are available to reduce the side space required in an electronics rack with model 305A-LR. These brackets allow a portion of the slide to be mounted behind the vertical rail.

Travel (Extension)

3/4 Extension ~ Drawer opens partially, approximately 3/4 of the total slide length.
Full Extension ~ Drawer opens the same amount as the slide length.
Over Travel ~ Drawer opens further than the length of the slide. This allows the drawer to pull completely out of the cabinet providing access to the entire drawer.

Allows the drawer or chassis to be removed from the case or rack. A lever or latch must be actuated before the drawer can be removed from the cabinet.

Holds the slide open or closed until extra force is applied to overcome the detent.

Secures the slide in position. A lever or latch must be actuated to move the slide. A lock-out feature assists servicing components without removing the unit from the enclosure. A lock-in feature prevents drawers from opening until a latch is actuated.

Optional Bracket Mounting
Optional brackets are available to make it easier to mount slides in an electronics rack or enclosure. Please refer to rack mounting accessories.

Refer to individual product data sheets for recommended screw sizes.

Standard Bulk Packaging
Slides and mounting hardware packed separately, one part number per box.
Optional Polybag Packaging
Package containing one pair of slides, mounting hardware and installation instructions sealed in a polybag. To order, add a "D" to the end of the part number.
Standard Material Specifications
Slide members and ball retainers:
Cold rolled steel
Ball bearings:
Carburized steel
Standard "C" Finish:
Electro-zinc plate
Optional "CB" Finish:
Black Electro-zinc plate
Hi-Lo temperature grease
Temperature Range:
-40°F (-4° C) to + 130°F (+55°C)

Accuride Products Guide


Max Load Rating
75 lbs./pair

2601: Full Extention, .50 Slide space, Hold-in Detent,
Avaliable in even lengths 8"-22"

Max Load Rating
100 lbs./pair

3832:Full Extention, .50 Slide space, Lever Disconnect, Hold-in Detent,
Avaliable in even lengths 10"-28"
Max Load Rating
108 lbs./pair
201: 3/4 Extention, .38" Slide space, Non-discinnect,
Avaliable in enen lengths 12"-28"
Max Load Rating
140 lbs./pair
305A-LR: .88 Over travel, .75" Slide space, Lever disconect, Lock Out,
Avaliable in even lengths 12"-28"
Special brackets allow model 305A-LR to be partially mounted
behind the vertical rails, requiring only .38" space
Max Load Rating
140 lbs./pair

204A-LR: 3/4 Extension, .38" Slide space, Lock Out, Lever disconnect,
Avaliable in even lengths 12"-28"

#3301, 3307, 3308
Max Load Rating
150 lbs./pair
1" Over Travel, .50" Slide space, Avaliable in even lengths 12"-28"
3301: Non-disconnect 3307: Lever disconnect, Lock out
Lever disconnect, Lock in and out

Max Load Rating
155 lbs./pair

301-2590: .83" Over travel, Undercarrage mount, Hold-in detent
Avaliable in even Lengths 12"-28"
Max Load Rating
175 lbs./pair
301: .88" Over travel, .75" Slide Space, Non-disconnect,
Avaliable in even Lengths 12"-28"
Max Load Rating
273 lbs./pair

** SAME as BELOW**


** SAME as ABOVE**

3600: Full extention, 75" Slide space, Non-disconnect,
Hold-in detent, Avaliable in even lengths 12"-28"
Max Load Rating
273 lbs./pair

3607: Full extention, 75" Slide space, Lever Disconnect,
Lock out, Avaliable in enen Lengths 12"-28"

Max Load Rating
255 lbs./pair

3601: 1" Over travel, .75" Slide space, Non-disconnect,
Hold-in detent, Avaliable in even lengths 12"-28"

Max Load Rating
500 lbs./pair
9301: Full extention, 75" Slide space, Scilenced movement,
Avaliable in even lengths 12"-36, 48", 60"
28.24" fully extended,
Wide Arm, Allow a minimum of 1" behind chassis when fully closed
Prevents snagging and tangling of cable when chassis is moved.
Use customer approved ribbon cable ties,
#CC9-1 Standard
23" long fully extended,
#CC9-2 to order
29" long fully extended
Use with round cable, Quick disconnect chassis fasteners,

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