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CB9715 Series

Adhesively Bonded Studs

  • No Hot Work
  • No Fire Watch
  • No Lagging or insulation removal
  • No Gas-freeing of fuel tanks
  • Bond to dissimilar metals
  • Ideal for Late-Stage Outfitting
Exclusive Naval Distribution Partner


PEMĀ® brand: self-clinching rivet nut, broaching, flaring, surface mount, or weld technology-- providing strong, reusable, and permanent threads and mounting points in thin sheet metal, P.C. board materials, and other ductile or non-ductile thin material

Blind threaded inserts designed to install quality threads in various substrates commonly referred to as nut-serts.
❱ Atlas Catalog - 2020

Witten: Domestic manufacturer of light, medium, and heavy duty composite rivet nut type fasteners.

Captive screws, rivet-less nut-plates, rivet nuts and panel fasteners for the aerospace and military markets

Adhesively bonded fasteners used on composite and metallic substrates to eliminate through hole and corrosive joints
❱ Click Bond Product Catalog - 2020

Hinges, slides, latches, knobs, pulls, stays, and handles in steel and stainless steel

Slides designed into a wide range of applications such as cabinetry, high- end appliances, electronic enclosures, and industrial equipment


Enfasco is a stocking distributor of many types of hand, pneumatic and cordless rivnut installation tools. This includes spin-spin, spin pull, and pull to pressure technology.
Enfasco offers sales, service, and on-site demonstrations of all tooling

For the installation of blind rivet nuts and blind bolts, and other brands of blind fasteners, an extensive line of pneudraulic and hydraulic tools is available.
Lockbolt installation tools are also offered in both pneudralic and hydraulic models to provide accurate installation of a variety of lockbolt brands and sizes

Aerospace tools including drill motors, rivet nut hammers, compression riveters, Spacematic® drilling equipment, and fastener installation tooling

USA manufacturer of aerospace modular drilling and installation tools and kits

Building simple, durable, and reliable power feed motors

Quality tools for aerospace and aircraft production and maintenance

Complete line of installation tooling for panel fasteners and rivetless nutplates

Riveting hammers, portable rivet squeezers, stationary riveting machines, hot dumping machines (stationary and portable), pistol and straight grip drill motors, angle drills, rivet shavers, portable air grinders, air punching tools, tab shears, metal forming machines, Cleco installation tools and many non-powered hand tools

Pneumatic tooling for indutrial and aerospace markets including drills, assembly, torque, finishing, and grinding equipment

Innovative high quality fasteners, temporary fastening and tooling for the aerospace industry

Aerospace installation tooling for blind rivet nuts, blind bolts

Complete line of pneumatic tooling for assembly and manufacturing

Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. was founded for the purpose of engaging in the development, production, and marketing of cutting tools for customer's in the metal/plastic cutting and optical industries.

Battery operated torque controlled and assembly tools

Torque tool specialists in hand, power, and pneumatic tools, and torque analyzers

Ergonomic seating for manufacturing and assembly to improve productivity and safety awareness

Rotary cutting tools used globally with a focus on the airframe industry, automotive, machine tool, hydraulic valve, and machine shop environments

Full line of custom polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and carbide tools including drills, reamers, end mills, port toolsm and micro tools

Enfasco is a certified distributor of fastener products, tools, and hardware for the aerospace, industrial, and commercial industries. For over thirty years, Enfasco has been the major supplier of hardware, fastening systems and tooling to the OEM, Military, Government, and Aerospace industries.

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