Ingersoll Rand Fastening Portfolio

Ingersoll Rand Assembly Tools: Production Fastening and Drilling

Ingersoll Rand has extensive experience with threaded fastening processes. For more than 100 years, we've worked with many of the world's leading manufacturers in various industries. We understand the interface between the tool and operator; we know how to leverage the power of ergonomically designed equipment to maximize productivity and inspire progress.

Ingersoll Rand offers a full line of production fastening equipment, including air and electric screwdrivers, nutrunners, drills, riveters, pulse tools, as well as handheld and multispindle fixtured DC nutrunners. Whether you need a solution for a single, specific application or an entire assembly line, you can trust our century of tool design experience to meet your needs.

Ingersoll Rand

Handheld Tools & Fixtured Tools

Tools: Offering a full line of handheld and fixtured tools — we take accuracy, ergonomics, and reliability to new levels. With inline, angle, pistol, and offset configurations, our tools are engineered to maximize your productivity.

  • - True closed-loop transducerized control delivers exceptional accuracy and traceability
  • - Non-contacting switches, heavy-duty gear trains, superior cables and DC brushless motors provide exceptional reliability
  • - Inline, angle, pistol, offset, and motor configurations allow the flexibility to choose the exact tool required
  • - Bright LEDs provide visible status indicators while TactAlert provides tactile feedback on handheld tools without distracting the operator from the task - World-class ergonomic designs improve operator comfort
  • - Compact, high-speed, easily accessible controls
  • - Torque ranges: 0.3 – 2500 Nm

Controllers and Software

Controls: Delivering a powerful combination — the ICD&M controllers and ICS Software offer industry leading functionality in a compact size. Advanced tightening strategies and data communications improve process and product quality.

  • - Quick setup and advanced tightening strategies
  • - Complete line of standard and custom communication protocols
  • - SQL server database archiving, searching and statistics processing
  • - Compact, space-saving designs
  • - Crisp, high-visibility full-color 1/4 VGA or one line displays
  • - Standard Ethernet and I/O connections optimize communications and line integration
  • - Remote monitoring and preventive maintenance alerts
  • - Multiple languages

Fixtured Systems

Quick and Custom Multiples: Providing more than just the building blocks for your fastening applications — we offer the global depth of engineering expertise to design and build turnkey, multispindle solutions for nearly any industrial application.

  • - Pre-engineered modular or custom engineered designs
  • - Quick multis — for common applications using off-the-shelf components that are quickly configured to meet the job requirements
  • - Custom multis — for more complex applications requiring custom engineering
  • - Use world-class QE, QM, and QA Series tools
  • - Configurable handle and operator interface modules
  • - Quick quoting and delivery
  • - Full engineering and project management capabilities

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