Aerospace Tools

Hi-Shear Aerospace Tools include Air Motors, Rivet Hammers, Compression Riveters, Screwdrivers, Angle-head Drills and Nutrunners. They are the product of over two decades of relentless engineering refinement.

This comprehensive, high-quality tool line features superior performance, excellent reliability and advanced ergonomic design.

All tools are designed to operate at a normal factory air pressure of 90 psi with 1/4 or 3/8 inch airlines. Virtually any requirement can be fulfilled by Hi-Shear's Tooling Division - with either our standard tools or by custom design.

DHE Down Handle Exhaust Drill Motors
Recoilless Rivet Hammers

Tri-Cylinder ULTRALITE® Compression Riveters :

C-Yoke Models

705 HF

(4500 lb. max)


(6000 lb. max)

720 HF

(9000 lb. max)


(10,000 lb. max)


(11,000 lb. max)

Alligator Models

710A HF

(4500 lb. max at 1-1/2" reach)


(16,300 lb. max at 2-7/8" reach)

725A HF

(9000 lb. max at 1-1/2" reach)


(6000 lb. max at 2-7/8" reach)


(10,000 lb. max at 3" reach)


(16,300 lb. max at 2-7/8" reach)

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