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Torque Active AM Signal Wrench


The TAAMs is comprised of two parts: a miniature Transmitter module, which screws into the handle end of appropriate MTBN and TSN wrenches, and a remote Receiver unit.

These innovative tools allow an operator the freedom to work without the hassle of cables and deliver accurate torque. The TAAMS unit contains two parts: a Transmitter module (attached at the end of the wrench) and a Receiver unit. The Transmitter sends a radio signal to the Receiver whenever preset torque is reached. The receiver recordsall counts, avoiding multiple or missed signals. Each transmitter has a unique "code number" to avoid confusion of signals and the Receiver can monitor signals from four tools simultaneously with variable relay timing (.25 to 2.0 seconds) for each channel. If for any reason the radio signal is not received because something blocked it, the Transmitter retains the count in its memory and will update the Receiver either when the next wrench is used or by manually pressing a button on the end of the Transmitter. The TAAMS wrenches enhance product quality by confirming the application of the applied torque.

TAAMS Receiver

The Receiver is designed to capture radio signals sent from the Transmitter on the TAAMS wrenches. It can monitor up to 4 wrenches simultaneously as well as be programmed to "Learn" a new wrench or "Remove" a wrench.

Displayed information from the Receiver includes:

  •    Channel Number 1 to 4
  •    Transmitter serial number - to identify wrenches in use
  •    Transmitter battery condition - to plan for replacement
  •    Total count
  •    Shift count - can be zeroed as required
  •    Relay delay time - 0.25 to 2 seconds - or disabled


Item #



Power Supply


*MTBN2AM & MTBN10AM are supplied with a removable collar, which restricts the `break' angle to 20°. If the collar is removed, the `break' angle increases to 90°.
w Models operate in single direction (clockwise).

torq1 torq2
MTZ - Production Wrenches

MTBN - Interchangeable HeadWrench




The Transmitter modules can be retro-fitted to existing TSN SO or MTBN SW wrenches fitted with rotary switches. Listed below are the Transmitter models for retro-fitting or for replacements.

- Transmitter Battery Pack (5 Batteries) 020617

- Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO 6789:1992

- Perfect for remote switching, counting, batching, production line control, auditing and monitoring.

- Sends radio signal each time torque is achieved and the Receiver records all counts.

- Continuous counting operations - resettable for each shift.

- Transmitter modules can be retro-fitted to existing Signal Output Wrenches (TSN SO & MTBN SW) fitted with rotary switches.