Jiffy Installation Tooling

Introducing the Jiffy Modular Installation System

Drastically reduce your number of air motors Complete flexibility with more than 40 attachments to choose from and more on the way.

Custom Kits Available. You can create a custom kit to fit your installation needs.

Jiffy Air Tool Drills

Six Easy Steps to Order an Installation Tool

Since there are many variables inherent in ordering the correct tool for each application, we have developed this tutorial to help you specify the exact order number of the installation tool you need.

For your convienance we have provided a brief overview of the complete range of Jiffy Instilation tooling. Follow the links to learn more!

A Stall-Type Installation tool

Used for this style threaded fastener. The torque value is built into the collar. When it reaches the pre-determined torque value, the driving hex breaks away, leaving the collar (or nut) installed. Care must be taken not to install fasteners with a torque value beyond the design of the attachment.

Jiffy Air Tool

Socket Accessories Stall Type Sockets

Jiffy Tips and Socket Accessory Assemblies for Series 1, 2 and 3 Stall Type Attachments.
Torque Control Installation

A Torque-Control Installation Tool is required for this style of threaded fastener. When a pre-determined torque value is reached, the tool will shut off. Care must be taken not to install fasteners with a torque value beyound the design of the attachment.

Lockbolt Installation Pull Type NAS GP Lockbolt Fasteners

Standard (SP), Self-Releasing (SR), Swivel (SNSP) and Swivel Self-Releasing (SNSR) Nose Assemblies.

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